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FuelFinance is on a mission to redefine the world of finance, making it not just efficient but downright sexy.

They don't just handle your finances; they perfect them. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, they bring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency to financial management.

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The Empat team took on the challenge of reshaping the perception of finances from mundane tasks in Spreadsheets to something attractive and easily understandable.

Our mission was to redefine the way people interact with financial data, ensuring that it's not just about numbers but an engaging and visually appealing experience. Through innovation and a keen understanding of user needs, Empat transformed the traditional concept of finance, making it both attractive and comprehensible.

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Web Development

We cover all aspects of website design and development, from front-end and UX/UI to back-end development and database integration.

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By optimizing a website's content, structure, and links, an SEO service helps to increase organic traffic, improve the user experience, and enhance the website's authority and credibility.

Technologies we use most often
Google Analytics
Product Development

We're all set to bring your project to life, no matter the scale! Just share your idea, and we'll take care of the rest with the best possible implementation.

Technologies we use most often

A great team is the path to product success

Daniil K.
Front-end Developer
Gennadii N.
Art Director
Yurii D.
Project manager
Oleksandr B.
QA Manual

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FuelFinance operates seamlessly as a SaaS solution, providing a dynamic platform for streamlined financial management. The product is designed to enhance efficiency, offering a user-friendly experience akin to other leading software-as-a-service solutions.

AI Magic
Why manually update when FuelFinance does it automagically? Have your financials up-to-date anytime with the innovative solution. Say goodbye to tedious tasks and focus on what matters for your business."
Web Harmony
We've created a digital masterpiece using JavaScript, WordPress, and Cloudflare. Imagine a website that's not just pretty but also super fast and secure.
Sexy Finances
We've transformed finances into something irresistibly appealing. Now FuelFinance is a sleek and engaging platform that makes managing money not just smart but undeniably sexy with its nice design and powerful technology.
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"Ensure that Empat is the hub where even the wildest ideas transform into reality"
Business Development Lead at Empat