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Trigga offers users a unique and engaging experience where they can simulate trading eSports-related assets in a fun and interactive way.

Our attention turned towards optimizing performance, specifically in the context of high-traffic eSports events. Concurrently, we delved into refining monetization strategies, encompassing in-app purchases, premium subscriptions, advertising, and securing sponsorship deals to drive revenue.

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we faced

Security became a priority, with our efforts concentrated on safeguarding user data and ensuring fair competition.

In essence, we started with the mission of overcoming these challenges to build a robust and user-centric mobile application.

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Solutions we delivered

Discovery & Validation

We conduct thorough market research and analysis to identify new growth opportunities. We'll also help you validate your ideas and test your assumptions.

Technologies we use most often
Google Meet
Mobile App Development

We've crafted over 100 mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms, elevating our clients' edge across diverse industries. Tell us your vision, and we'll map out the perfect journey to bring it to life!

Technologies we use most often
Android App
iOS App
Quality Assurance

This service involves a set of activities to ensure that products meet the required quality standards, specifications, and customer expectations.

Technologies we use most often

We're your creative partners in design, covering everything from prototypes and MVPs to mobile apps, websites so on. Our team blends innovation with the latest design trends, using cutting-edge technologies to craft visually compelling and user-friendly solutions.

Technologies we use most often

A minimum viable product. It helps businesses validate their ideas and test the market with minimal investment.

Technologies we use most often
iOS App

A great team is the path to product success

Andrii T.
Design Lead
Olga B.
UX/UI Designer
Yaroslav M.
Back-end Tech Lead
Bohdan K.
Back-end Developer
Oleksandr B.
QA Manual
Stanislav D.
QA Manual
Pavlo P.
Flutter & Backend Developer
Illia D.
Flutter Developer

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Project in details

We offer a comprehensive set of solutions for our application. Starting with defining core functions, we ensure a robust foundation. Our focus extends to designing an intuitive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), emphasizing intuitiveness, visual appeal, and usability.

Tech Fusion
We combined Flutter, Laravel, AWS, and Firebase for a powerful and user-friendly project experience.
Stock Market Prediction PWA
We developed a Progressive Web App (PWA) enabling users to compete in forecasting stock market behavior. Users can engage in friendly competition as they predict market trends against other users.
Igniting Interest in Stocks for Extra Income
We've crafted strategies to capture more interest in stocks, helping individuals shape an additional income stream.
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